Cosmetic Gum Procedures 


Your smile is often the first trait that people notice about you. If you work hard to keep your teeth healthy and white, the last thing you’d want is for the focal point of your grin to be your pink gum tissue. On the flip side of that coin, you also don’t want your smile to be predominantly overrun by your teeth. Dr. Fatima Robertson offers several cosmetic gum procedures to help enhance the appearance of your smile and improve your oral health. That way, you can enjoy a symmetrical, even, and beautiful-looking grin that you’ll feel proud showing off.

Gum recession is a common issue that can occur due to progressing gum disease, undergoing orthodontic treatment, hormonal changes, aggressive tooth brushing, or even genetics. In any case, this issue can cause your teeth to look incredibly long, and it could even expose the roots of your teeth. Not only can this impact your oral health, but it can also make you feel self-conscious about the appearance of your grin. Root coverage grafting is a non-invasive procedure to replace gum tissue, help prevent additional recession, and increase the thickness of your gums so they can continue protecting the vulnerable root surface of your teeth and create a more even smile.

Gum recession can occur for a variety of reasons, including genetics, overly aggressive tooth brushing, and gum disease. Regardless of the cause, gum recession is a significant problem. It may even reach the point where the tooth roots become exposed making it painful to eat, drink, and even sleep. What can you do to address this issue?  Contact the office of Dr. Fatima Robertson DDS, PA to schedule a personalized gum recession treatment consultation with Dr. Robertson, an experienced cosmetic dentist and periodontist with advanced training in periodontics procedures. She may be able to improve your smile’s health and appearance via a root coverage soft tissue grafting. We're proud to provide our cosmetic dental procedures to patients throughout Allen, McKinney, TX, and the surrounding areas.

Complications of Exposed Tooth Roots

As your gums recede, you may notice that your smile is not as attractive as it was in the past. Your teeth may appear to be disproportionately long. Plus, if the gums do not recede at the same rate across all of your front teeth, your gumline may become noticeably uneven. Additionally, tooth roots have a slightly different color than tooth crowns because the roots do not have enamel to cover them.

Of course, aesthetics is not the only problem associated with exposed tooth roots. Without enamel or gum tissue to protect them, the roots are vulnerable to outside stimuli. You may find that you experience pain when you consume hot, cold, or acidic foods and beverages.

How Does Root Coverage Grafting Work?

If you are interested in covering your exposed tooth roots, visit us for a consultation. Dr. Robertson will examine your mouth and design a treatment plan. There are different techniques that can be used for root coverage grafting. For example, she might recommend a pedicle graft, wherein she pulls down existing gum tissue to cover the exposed roots. Pedicle grafts are usually for patients who have thick gum tissue. A more common type of graft is a connective tissue graft, during which she takes a piece of skin from the roof of the mouth and attaches it to the existing gum tissue.

During your recovery period, you should avoid foods that might irritate your surgical sites (such as crunchy and hard foods). You might also find it beneficial to take a few days off of work to relax. If you have any questions or concerns following your procedure, simply get in touch with our office. We are always ready to help!

Benefits of Root Coverage Grafting

Some of the main benefits of root coverage gum grafting in Allen include:

• The results are permanent. With proper care, it is unlikely that your gums will recede significantly after your procedure.
• You will experience reduced dental sensitivity. With gum tissue to protect them, your roots will no longer be a source of pain when you eat hot or cold foods.
• Your smile will be more attractive. An even gumline is an important component of a beautiful, well-proportioned smile!
• The procedure is comfortable. Robertson offers three different types of sedation to help her patients relax during their appointments. She also has a gentle touch and is as conservative as possible in her approach to care.

(Esthetic Crown Lengthening)

Esthetic crown lengthening is also commonly referred to as gummy smile correction or gum recontouring. If the majority of your smile is overrun by pink gum tissue, you may not feel like letting your full grin show. This is a common issue that many people face, and fortunately, we can help. Dr. Robertson can precisely and strategically reshape your gumline to make it appear more even and reveal more of your dental structure by removing the overgrown tissue. In some cases, this procedure can also be used to ensure that restorations fit perfectly over a tooth.

Cosmetic Gum Augmentation

Cosmetic gum augmentation is typically performed following a tooth extraction. When a socket is left empty, it can cause the alveolar ridge of the jaw to shrink as you heal after your extraction, causing you to lose your distinct gum contour and creating an indentation in the gums. During this procedure. Dr. Robertson will restore the original height and width of the alveolar ridge to dramatically improve the appearance of your smile when you restore it.