Rebuild Your Smile with Dental Implants

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One of the most-effective tooth replacement solutions is dental implants. They give people with missing or broken teeth the ability to restore their smile. Not only does a dental implant function as a natural tooth but it also has the appearance of one. Whether you’re looking to replace one or multiple teeth, rely on Dr. Fatima Robertson DDS, PA to achieve the beautiful-looking smile you’ve always wanted.

For years, our experienced cosmetic dentist has used dental implants to rebuild smiles for patients across Allen, TX and the surrounding communities. No matter the severity of your oral issues, we will determine if dental implants are right for your needs.

The actual dental implant is a small titanium post that acts as a tooth root. Once placed, a variety of prosthetics can be attached to it including crowns and bridges. During the procedure, local anesthesia is used to numb the area. A small incision is then made to expose the jawbone. Then, the dentist will implant one or multiple posts within the bone. After everything is properly placed, the gums are stitched up and the healing process begins. Depending on the number of dental implants placed, it can take anywhere from 3-6 months to heal. During recovery, the jawbone will bond and grow around the dental implant to ensure it’s properly secured.

Dental implants can truly restore teeth that are missing or broken. They can also be a permanent solution for those with uncomfortable dentures, partial dentures, or dental bridges. In order to qualify for dental implants, you must have a strong and healthy jawbone to support the replacement tooth or teeth.




While there are a variety of other cosmetic dentistry solutions, dental implants are customized to blend seamlessly with the surrounding teeth. From the shape to the color, a dental implant will restore the function and appearance of your teeth.


While the dental implant placement procedure may seem overwhelming, the results will last a lifetime. The titanium post that is used to create the dental implant is bio-compatible, meaning it’s nontoxic and less likely to be rejected by the body.

Prevent Bone Loss

After just one year after losing a tooth, the bone in the area loses about 25% of its volume. While dentures can improve the function of the teeth, they can accelerate bone loss. Getting dental implants is the best way to prevent any further bone loss.

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If you’re struggling with the appearance of your smile, it’s time to find a cosmetic solution. Dr. Fatima Robertson DDS, PA has all the proper knowledge and tools to examine your dental issues and determine the best type of treatment option. Dental implants are the perfect solution to restore the function and look of your teeth. Contact our office in Allen, TX to schedule a consultation!