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Welcome to the home of The Oral Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Fatima Robertson! Here, you’ll experience an elite level of care that is specially designed to make your smile’s health and beauty shine for decades to come. If you’re thinking about coming to see us for the first time, please take a moment to read through the helpful information below. If you have any questions afterward, please don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and give us a call. We look forward to meeting you, and we know we’ll be able to do great things for your smile!

If you have dental insurance, our team will gladly accept it. We’ll even go above and beyond when it comes to educating you about your benefits so you can know exactly what is and isn’t covered. We’ll also handle the entire claims process on your behalf so we can make sure you’re maximizing your benefits. With us, you can just sit back, relax, and save. If you have any questions about how we can use your particular plan to help you save at your next appointment, please contact us today.

Dr. Robertson is an in-network provider with the following dental insurance plans:

• Aetna • Cigna • Delta Dental • MetLife • + Many more! Contact us to learn if we’ve partnered with your plan.

Affordable CareCredit Financing

Do you currently not have insurance? Do you require a treatment that isn’t covered by your plan? With CareCredit, you can get an easy, low-to-no interest payment plan that will break up the cost of your care into much smaller monthly installments. CareCredit has helped millions of people around the country afford their dental care, and they have plans that can work for just about any budget. To find one that is right for you, click on the link below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question for The Oral Plastic Surgeon? Dr. Fatima Robertson is always willing to take time out of her day to make sure our patients completely understand their oral health care and treatment options. Below, you’ll find answers to some of the most common questions we receive every day. If you happen to have a question we haven’t answered here, please give us a call and ask! No question is too small, we promise!

1What is Oral Plastic Surgery?
Oral plastic surgery is where restorative and cosmetic dentistry come together to provide the very best results when it comes to both oral health and smile beauty. This may consist of procedures to replace missing teeth, reshape the gum line, or regenerate what has been lost due to periodontal disease. In the end, its goal is to help you achieve the healthy, attractive smile you need to live your life to the fullest.
2How is periodontics different from general dentistry?
Periodontics is actually a specialty field of dentistry that specifically deals with learning about, diagnosing, and treating issues concerning the gums and other structures that surround and support the teeth. In addition to completing dental school, periodontists like Dr. Robertson have to undergo additional advanced training in order to gain this distinction. They typically specialize in treating periodontal disease, oral plastic surgery, and placing dental implants.
3What are dental implants?
Dental implants are the highest-quality tooth replacement solution available today. They are the only treatment that restores the entire tooth structure from the root up, providing the most reliable, durable, and aesthetically pleasing results possible. When placed by a specially-trained dentist like Dr. Robertson, dental implants can replace any number of missing teeth and are virtually indistinguishable from natural ones.
4How does Teeth-in-a-Day work?
This is a procedure that allows our team to place dental implants and restore them with a full denture in just one appointment. Dr. Robertson will place four to six specially designed implants into the jaw to support the prosthetic, and then the denture will simply snap onto them. It’s one of the quickest ways to completely restore an entire row of teeth using the most state-of-the-art technology.
5What is “Floss Boss”?
Floss Boss is our quarterly subscription service where you’ll receive a special package containing oral healthcare products and professional tips chosen to help you meet your specific needs and smile goals. It will also give you access to a social media community where you can learn the latest and greatest ways to keep your smile looking stunning and problem-free year after year. To learn more and sign up, see the section below!
6What is the LeadHerShip Study Club?
The LeadHerShip Study Club is where Dr. Robertson brings together local female dental professionals to collaborate, network, and enhance their lives both professionally and personality by tapping into the collective knowledge of the community. It’s intended to help empower its members so they can better accomplish their goals in an ever-changing world. It frequently features guest speakers and meets about once a month, making it easy for just about anyone to attend.
7What are your financial options/ Will you accept my dental insurance?
Our practice is happy to accept a long list of dental insurance plans, and Dr. Robertson is even an in-network provider for many of the most popular ones. For our patients without insurance, we can help you get hassle-free financing through CareCredit. In the end, we’ll always work with you to make sure you can easily afford your care.

Join Floss Boss!

Subscription services are extremely popular these days, but none of them, whether you’re talking about Birchbox, Dollar Shave Club, or the Wine of the Month Club, are able to help you enhance your health, beauty, and lifestyle all at once…until now.

With Floss Boss, you’ll receive a quarterly package filled with oral healthcare products designed to help you meet your particular smile goals. Want whiter teeth to help you nail that next job interview? Floss Boss can help you do it.

Want to ensure that your breath is always fresh when you go out? Floss Boss can help you do it.

Tired of dealing with chronic oral health problems and just want a smile you can rely on? Floss Boss can make that a reality.

Whether you simply want a better-looking smile, a healthier smile, or both, Floss Boss can help you accomplish these goals and much more. It will even give you access to an online social media community where you can get daily/weekly tips from professionals.

The first thing the world sees is your smile, and with Floss Boss, we can guarantee that it will always make the right first impression.